Education on HSP

Currently we offer three courses, two targeted for people with high sensory processing sensitivity, or HSP, and one for those who live and work with HSP.

The first course provides the background about the highly sensitive people – who they are and how they function. The course is called “Highly sensitive person in your room.” It is targeted for parents, teachers, and employers of highly sensitive people.

The second course focuses on emotional well-being. It is called “What do I feel? Introduction to emotions and feelings for highly sensitive people.” This course focuses on exploring several basic emotions and feelings, learning their names, felt qualities and strengths. We learn to feel, regulate feelings and to make emotions-informed intellectual decisions.

The third course focuses on occupational well-being. The course is called “Optimal workplace and burn-out prevention for highly sensitive people.” We learn about the concept of boundaries, discover the ideal working environment, and learn the basics of self-care.