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Career coaching with VDAB loopbaancheques

Sometimes being at work feels boring, exhausting, and even painful. What if another job felt better?

In career coaching we find the working environment wich fits our talents,  needs, and values. Using the burn-out model proposed by Dr. Christina Maslach, we systematically assess each of the six areas of the work life and identify the characteristics of one's ideal working environment. We use visualisations and role playing to review the old communication and coping skills and to build the new ones, appropriate for one's age and position. Using the insights of Polyvagal theory, we learn how to maintain the healthy balance between stress and relaxation.

If you have been working in Belgium during the last 7 years then you can order Loopbaancheques for your  career coaching. With the loopbaancheques you pay 80 Euro for the 7-hour trajectory. The Loopbaancheques are to be ordered from VDAB, Flemish Flemish agency for work mediation and professional education. The Loopbaancheques cover 7 hours of coaching per person.

If you do not qualify for the Loopbaancheques fro, the VDQB, then you follow a career coaching session is paid as a regular therapy session. In this case, the traject lasts between five and seven sessions.

Sessions take place in the practice Alento.

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