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I work with adults and young adults with a broad range of conditions, including trauma, postraumatic stress disorder, complex posttraumatic stress disorder and attachment traumas, grieving, abandonment, anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, fears, insomnia, depression, lack of motivation, stress, as well as processing of physical trauma, surgery or disability.

In the sessions, we learn relaxation exercises to balance stress and relaxation, we release emotional charge from our turbulent memories, investigate family communication patterns underlying psychological symptoms, review coping strategies and design the new ones, which are appropriate for the current situation.

Sometimes our sessions are filled with fear or anger, at other moments - with joy and laughter. We make scary things laughable and laughable ones - considerable. We follow the emotions and learn to regulate them them without self-oppression and dissociation.

We learn the vocabulary to describe our feelings. Vague sensations receive names and can be easily recognized, measured and acted upon. We learn to make decisions which take our feelings into account. We improve our self-understanding and self-regulation and improve our communication with others.

We focus on self-care. We learn to say "yes" to things which we like and "no" to things which we do not like, to find ourselves in the middle. We learn to say "farewell" to the past and "welcome" to the future, finding ourselves in the here and now. We practice re-parenting, we learn self-support and self-protection to feel safe and loved.

Psychotherapy sessions with me are partially reimbursed by CM and Helan.

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