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Bodymind gym

Bodymind gym is a course of 15 biweekly 50-min sessions. It is designed for people who experience anxiety, high sensitivity, poor sleep, and stress.

At the sessions we learn and practice sequences of slow and very slow movements which re-balance our sensory systems, such as exteroception, which tells us what happens outside of our body, proprioception and balance, which tell us how our body positioned in space, and interoception, which tells us how our internal organs are doing.

We learn how our sensory systems are interacting with each other. We learn to discern the sensations from each sensory system and to balance them by performing movement sequences.

Our movement sequences are based on sensory integration and reflex integration techniques, as well as elemens of hatha yoga and meditation.

Bodymind gym. (C) louise vildmark

Image (C) Louise Vildmark ~ Unsplash

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