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About me

I was trained in Integrative Psychotherapy in AIHP Belgium. If you look at the current picture at AIHP's front page, you can still see me fourth from the left. As an integrative psychotherapist I combine insights and techniques from different traditions. I love the theoretical depth of Psychoanalysis, playfulness and boldness of Gestalt, kindness of Client-centered therapy, wisdom of Focusing and Process work, freedom and fun of Psychodrama, elegance of EMDR, structure of Schema- and Emotion-Focused therapies. I am happy when I can learn about new advancements, both theoretical and practical, in any therapeutic school, and I love experimenting with them myself.

Before starting my psychotherapy practice, I studied medicine and neurology and did some research on neurology and experimental psychology. I am always fascinated to see the physiological explanations for psychological processes. Recently, I have been using the ideas of EMDR, Polyvagal theory, Sensory integration and Primitive reflex integration, Memory reconsolidation theory to understand the neurological mechanisms of my clients’ processes and to guide my interventions.

I am a highly sensitive person, HSP. It took me a while to put a name on my way of functioning and to accept it. Now since I understand it better, I notice that many people coming to therapy are highly sensitive. In fact, Dr. Elaine Aron, who coined the term Highly Sensitive Person, believes that most people coming to the therapy are highly sensitive. If you are HSP yourself, good news, we both know what it is like. If you are not sure whether you are HSP, you can check the questionnaire here.

I am a certified career coach. For HSP and the broader public I offer a 7-hour career coaching course in which we focus on preventing burn-out and designing one’s optimal working environment. The career coaching sessions can be partially yet generously reimbursed by VDAB, the Flemish agency for work mediation and professional education.

Since last year I have been working at the group practice Alento. Together with fantastic colleagues, we support people from 6 to 70 years old from Leuven and surroundings.

I am a member of two Belgian professional associations for integrative psychotherapy, BNVIP and ABP-BVP.

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